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    Rodney WiFi. Extent and boot your WiFi internet

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    We are a Warkworth Rodney based WiFi extender and booster service. We can improve your WiFi connection in a large house, multi-story building or even in your shed 3km away. All under the same network name, and often with a faster speed and signal strength you get right next to your existing WiFi router

  • WiFi Options Available

    Depending on your requirements, we cover it all

    Short Range 50m - 300m

    Wifi Mesh v Extenters

    We only use a full Mesh network solution, creating a true faster WiFi in your home or extended farm. Don't buy boosters or repeaters from your local store, as these are problematic in both setup and effectiveness. They are slow and often make things worst.


    Our device comes with a grantee they will work with good Wifi single throughout your entire property. We are experts in positioning and selecting devices for the best performance. There is a lot more to it than signal strength along. Often response time and speed are factors in video streaming, gaming and general internet experience across multi-devices.


    We can also monitor your network remotely allowing us to fix any unlikely issues you may have without any service fee. Call us for a free demo today.

    Long Range 300m to 3km

    Wifi Bridges

    The long-range WiFi requires an aerial to be positioned on the roof or wall on both buildings. These are small non-intrusive devices that are easily hidden. A new Wifi unit is then placed on the new building making the internet connect seamless and fast. Response time is almost seamless across the buildings allowing sharing of printers, storage drives and of course the internet WiFi.


    We can come out and look at your location and identify your requirements. Stop paying for two connections or an expensive 4G connection. Get the fastest connection possible that allows both savings in connection costs and speed.


    We can then integrate our Mesh devices allowing a seamless WiFi name across your buildings or property.